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What is People7.0?

It is a Inter-European division-wide Summit with the purpose to bring together people from all EUD regions, to share ideas, experiences and challenges and, hopefully, allow them to find inspiration, motivation and maybe answers. People 7.0 is meant to connect in a common ground Children’s, Families’ and Women’s Ministries that most of the time are working for the same group of people allowing them to share their skills and dreams. The idea is that we should not think only in our own “garden” (department/ministry) but find ways to work also as a team to try to respond to the needs and concerns of our present generation.

Why have we felt the need to create this event?

First of all because we are working and connected with almost the same population: children are part of a family, families are composed also by women and women are related in several ways with families and with children. It is a loop that includes all of us. Second, despite of the fact that our church organizes several meetings and conventions, they are not always considering or responding to the specificity of our ministries. We felt that putting together our 3 ministries would open other ways of collaboration and mutual support at church level. Families, children and women are facing the same generation opportunities and burdens and we thought that it may be helpful and beneficial to organize a Convention that would allow participants to share ideas and get encouraged or inspired.

Why should people come?

It is a great opportunity to encounter other people believing in the same God, sharing the same values, focusing on the same goals and create new connection and relationships. This is something that is not common nowadays and that we don’t have the privilege to have every day or every week. The excellence of the speakers jointly with the value and expertise of every single participant will grant to all of us the opportunity to learn and go deeper in our spiritual journey as also give us some more tools to make a better job in the part of the world where God called us to be.
Don’t miss it!! Don’t let us miss you!! Let’s go forward together!

As we are regularly updating this webpage with new information and details please visit us as often as possible. Thank you!


The location is in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, approximately one hour’s drive from Venice Airport. It is a Resort with its own 1 km beach, surrounded by a pine forest that gives a real holiday feeling. It is a huge compound with plenty of space to host such an event. It is also a great place for families.


Lignano Sabbiadoro - Viale Centrale, 29 33054 (Ud) – IT
Phone: +39 0431 409511


The accommodation options are several in order to fit the different needs of the participants. All rooms have a private bathroom. Several rooms are wheelchair accessible and the whole compound is a handicapped accessible site.

Registration includes: Congress fees, accommodation, meals. Attention: the first meal (apart from breakfast) for will be the lunch on Thursday 19th. Sunday morning breakfast is included.

If you are planning to participate with your family, you can enroll for the special rate for children as follow:

  • Children 0-4: free of charge
  • Children 4-12: 80€/child (entire event)

To register children, please, send an email to : Payment for children’s accommodation will be done on cash, upon arrival, at the registration desk.

Fees per person:

Early-Bird available until May 31, 2019
Single room 325.- €
Double room (per person) 265.- €
Triple room (per person) 249.- €
Four beds (per person) 233.- €
Only Registration and meals 130.- €
Only Registration 50.- €
Registration after June 1, 2019:
Single room 375.- €
Double room (per person) 310.- €
Triple room (per person) 290.- €
Four beds (per person) 260.- €
Only Registration and meals 130.- €
Only Registration 50.- €

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Before opening the Registration form, please pay attention to the following information:

  • The Registration form starts with the choice of the “Accommodation” category. Choose the one that fits to you and please, fill-up ONE registration per participant;
  • the second page is the Billing Address form, please, in the “COMPANY” field write Seventh-day Adventists;
  • the third page is the Ticket Data, the Convention Application form. Fill it according to your status;
  • follow the registration process until you finalise the process and the payment, to be sure to be registered as participant;
  • on the confirmation page, please download the ticket and the invoice and keep them for the Registration process at the Convention;
  • If you are planning to arrive earlier or leave later, please contact us to check the possibilities and to have additional information.
  • For those who register as Only Registration and Meals or Only Registration, in the field Room Mate(s) write NO.
  • For those who come by car, in the field Arrival date and time and Departure date and time, write the date of arrival and departure, and put a fictitious time. This is needed for us to provide the access badges to the Resort for those that are not lodging in the resort.

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Transportation Services will make your transfer trip to Lignano trouble-free! With reliable airport reservations, you can book your shuttle to and from the airport as soon as you book your airline tickets. This will be only from Marco Polo Airport Venezia and from train station Latisana-Lignano-Bibione.

Please take note that the transportation service is not included in the Convention fees.

For those that will come by train: the connection has to be by Venezia Mestre – to Latisana-Lignano-Bibione (destination station to the Convention). Click on the link here below to know the time and the price: Venezia/Mestre - Latisana

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The programme is envisioned and developed to involve all generations that exist in our churches.

Programme info

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Speakers of the Summit

Workshops on relevant topics, different kinds of inputs, life stories and presentations by very interesting and powerful speakers from around the world, will enrich your day.

Speakers info

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There will be several workshop sessions on Thursday and Friday.

You will have the opportunity to choose from different topics proposed.

Those subjects meet the most common and sensitive issues in life and will give you ideas, insight, and, hopefully, answers to most of your personal life situations and challenges, e.g. health matters, counselling, intergenerational relationships, depressions and burnout, Christian education, social media, gender issues, finance management, special need awareness, abuse and domestic violence, forgiveness and reconciliation, parenting, and more.

Every workshop will be presented by experienced speakers, and will include time for practical activities as well as questions and answers.

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The success of a congress is also determined by the valuable and necessary support of the volunteers.

For this congress, we would need volunteers who:

  • can speak English pretty fluent in addition to their mother tongue
  • are available from 17 September to 23 September
  • are prepared to carry out all the services required for a congress
  • computer skills (some)
  • skills in the management of interpersonal relationships
  • manual skills

they must also have a spirit of cooperation and adaptation

Volunteers will be reimbursed for the return trip up to 200 € and will be offered board and lodging.

For further information please write to:

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Children's Ministries: Regina Fleischmann
Family Ministries: Rebecca Dierolf
Women's Ministries: Sonja Arnold

18-22 September 2019

You will be touched but also energized

There will be workshops on relevant topics, different kinds of inputs, life stories and presentations by very interesting and powerful speakers from around the world. It will be another great opportunity to enrich your spiritual life, make new friends and learn how to share the good news with your friends and neighbours. 

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